Shifu Stuart has been studying and practising Martial Arts since 1994. He first started his training in the art of Japanese Karate. After three years of training in Shukokai karate a sport based Martial Art system, Shifu Stuart wanted to explore the deeper side of the Martial Arts and through his investigations it lead him to the Chinese Styles of Martial Arts. Seeking out a genuine master of both internal & external Martial Arts Shifu Stuart was fortunate enough to be introduced to Master Liu De Ming, (5th generation lineage holder of the Liu He / Zi Ran Men System) and had an opportunity to begin training in the Liu He Zi Ran Men System towards the end of 1996.

To study under Master Liu’s guidance and gain the knowledge and skills to teach this system, Shifu Stuart and four other students accompanied Master Liu to Fujian China in 2000, the home of the Liu He / Zi Ran Men System to train intensively and meet Grandmaster Hong Zheng Fu, Master Liu’s master.

Gaining immense knowledge and a sense of the Chinse Kung Fu spirit Shifu Stuart received his instructor’s certification and returned to Australia to pass on his new found knowledge to his students. In 2003, Shifu Stuart was given another opportunity to return to China, this time to train at the birthplace of Chinese Martial Arts the famous “Shaolin Temple”.

The greatest honour was still yet to come. In 2003 Shifu Stuart was accepted to become Master Liu’s second disciple student and become a 6th generation of the Liu He Zi Ran Men System, direct lineage to the famous Great Grand Master Wan Lai Shen.

The experience of visiting the Shaolin Temple and having the opportunity to train alongside the famous Shaolin Monks was a long time desire of Shifu Stuart’s and it inspired him on his return to open a fulltime Martial Arts Academy in St Kilda, Australia in 2004.

Shifu Stuart is the owner and Head Instructor at Six Harmonies Martial Arts Academy in St Kilda, Australia. It is the only full time family training center teaching the Shaolin Six Harmonies & Natural Fist Style. Shifu Stuart is excited to pass on this rich and deep rooted traditional Martial Art to the succeeding generations of Six Harmonies Martial Arts students

In addition to holding the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt in the Shaolin Liu He system,  Shifu Stuart is also currently studying two other Martial Art systems. The first being the art of Brazilian Jiujitsu under Professor’s Glick & Dunn from Brooklyn BJJ of which he holds the rank of Brown Belt and the second art under Australian Martial Arts pioneer Dave Hedgcock, where he is studying Dave’s Self Defense ‘Angles’ system.

In 2010 Six Harmonies Martial Arts was very proud to be awarded the “Top Martial Arts School Award” by the EFC (Educational Funding Company) for outstanding achievement and passion for excellence, again in 2013 he was awarded the EFC “Instructor of the Year” and in 2015 was awarded for “Outstanding Professionalism & Commitment to the Martial Art Industry”.

He is very honoured to receive these awards and is grateful to all of his past & present teachers that have shared and generously passed their Martial Arts knowledge to him over the past 25 years.

Master Hong training with Master Liu
Master Hong Zheng Fu
Grandmaster Wan Lai Sheng