SHMA Online is:

Our purpose is to reach as many new or current students of all ages across the globe to be captivated by the ancient world of Martial Arts. We invite everyone to be healthier, to be more involved in your wellbeing and to live a long fulfilling life. We believe this transformation is possible through daily Martial Arts practice. We want Six Harmonies Martial Arts to be a part of your on-going daily practice.

The Six Harmonies Academy in Now Online

SHMA is an Australian Martial Art Academy located in the bayside suburb of St. Kilda in Melbourne. We are now very excited to offer our traditional Shaolin Kung Fu system online. We proudly support the Martial Arts community here in Melbourne by offering accessible, practical and transformational Martial Arts. Our teachers are experts in their fields with a passion for sharing their knowledge and helping their students grow.

SHMA’s online Martial Arts studio is offering access to high definition martial art videos with uncomplicated step-by-step martial techniques. Inside these online classes we’ll present posture correction, ways to increase your overall strength and flexibility plus applicable self-defence strategies. You’ll also find guided meditations for inner reflection and weekly motivations.

With classes from 5-30 minutes, ranging across our Martial Arts system, our online training lets you take the SHMA academy and its instructors with you, wherever you are and whenever you need your Martial Arts fix.

Train Anywhere

An internet connection and a device and you can train anywhere and anytime.

$15 per month

Just 50 cents per day to start your transformational Martial Arts journey.

$159 per year (save $21)

Even less per day to start your transformational Martial Arts journey.

Cancel Anytime

It’s very simple to cancel at anytime. We feel sure you’ll miss us! Come back again.

Our Offering

SHMA Online Training is a monthly subscription-based service. After your 7 day FREE trial, the cost is only $15 per month.

Once your subscription is activated you’ll be able to practise Martial Arts online and receive 24/7 access to ALL of our SHMA videos.

This will include.

Kids Classes

Adult & Jnr Adult Classes

Shifu’s Training Tips


Qi Gong



You’ll see a continuing flow of exciting new content to keep you motivated and dedicated on your Martial Arts journey. If you’re like us we know that this newfound passion will have you coming back for more each and every day.

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating fresh positive rituals today with SHMA Online.

Wherever you are
Get your SHMA fix when ever you want – with a valid subscription you can access your classes on your Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Phone, Smart T.V or any other device with an internet connection.

For days when you just can’t make it to class
Maybe your travelling, pressed for time, have an interrupted schedule or just wanted to get another class or two in for the week.

Great value
For a limited time, SHMA Online Classes are only $15 a month. You’ll have unlimited 24/7 access to all of our training videos.

About developing long lasting positive rituals
We believe this transformation is possible through developing a daily Martial Arts practice. We want Six Harmonies Martial Arts to be a part of your on-going daily ritual.

Here to motivate and inspire
Our videos are designed to meet all of your needs from your physical wellbeing to releasing any build-up of tension or stress whilst gaining a sense of stillness, grounding and mindfulness.