There has never been a better time to get started with our new Online Training. We are offering accessible, practical and transformational Martial Arts training from the comfort of your own space and on your own schedule.

We are excited that you or your children have decided to start your Martial Arts journey with Six Harmonies. We suggest new students start with beginner specific classes. These classes have been specially designed with the beginners in mind and are slower in pace so that we can build your fitness, flexibility and foundation at a pace that is manageable and safe.

Wherever you are get your SHMA fix whenever you want. For those that are unable to train with us at the academy or for those days when you just can’t make it to class or you maybe you’re travelling or just wanted to get another session or two in for the week.

We’re here to motivate and inspire you.  Our videos are designed to meet all of your needs starting with your physical wellbeing, your personal and families safety plus releasing any build-up of tension or stress whilst gaining a sense of stillness, grounding and mindfulness.

It’s really simple. Once you have checked our timetable to find a class time that best suits yourself or your children, use the links below to get started. Once you have signed up, we will get back in touch with you to confirm a time for your first class with Six Harmonies.

Yes we sure do. For our adult programs we have a $49.95 introductory offer which gives you unlimited classes for 4 weeks plus will also give you a FREE uniform as well.

For our kids program we offer a FREE two week introductory program which includes their White belt graduation.

New ADULTS and KIDS can get started right away by using the links below.

Clothing that you or your child can move around in easliy. Active wear is often the best option.

Bring along a hand towel, a water bottle and an open mind.

Arrive 10-15 mins before your class and please allow enough time for traffic and parking. You don’t want to be late for your first class feeling stressed out. Come on upstairs to the front desk where you will find one of SHMA team members who will sign you in and show you where to put your belongings if you have any before your class begins.

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Pay $49.95 – Adults UNLIMITED Classes for 4 Weeks – Includes a FREE Uniform

Sign Up for our Kids 2 Week FREE Introductory Program

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